Korn Ferry Report: Experiences of the Lavender Ceiling

Korn Ferry and Out & Equal have published a new report looking at the progress and continuing challenges faced by out LGBTQ+ leaders in the workplace. The report draws from a survey of 130 out LGBTQ+ business leaders and allies.

The authors note that, despite the progress made to foster more inclusive workplaces, major employers still lack LGBTQ+ representation among senior executives—and in leadership pipelines. The report points out the fact that research shows that visibility and representation are incredibly powerful—for inclusion, for well-being, for career mobility, and for performance. In fact, Korn Ferry studies show that diverse and inclusive teams are 87% more likely to make better decisions, and companies that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are more likely to score higher on measures of corporate effectiveness, such as employee engagement and development, innovation, and financial strength.

Korn Ferry and Out & Equal find that visibility is important, but alone is not a cure-all for persistent biases and headwinds that LGBTQ+ leaders experience on the job. 

Read the Executive Summary and download the full report HERE.

Korn Ferry Report: Experiences of the Lavender Ceiling
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