Mission & Vision

Our mission is to advance the presence of the LGBTQ+ community in Canada’s corporate boardrooms.

The Association is focused on bringing diversity to the LGBTQ+ Corporate Governance World. To do this, the Association will

  • advocate for more LGBTQ+ representations on Canada’s Boards;
  • develop outstanding leadership and professional development programs for members of the LGBTQ+ community;
  • provide unique LGBTQ+ executive networking opportunities;
  • partner with similar organizations to expand our influence;
  • offer our members a personal portal with opportunities to develop their Board skills and influence in the community;
  • identify and track the ample pool of experienced top-tier LGBTQ+ leaders with Board service potential;
  • create the networks and contacts with board influencers to help companies connect with LGBQ+ director candidates;
  • give visibility to existing and top-tier aspiring LGBTQ+ board members;
  • use the collective voice of our members to reach out to companies, institutional investors and regulators to advance LGBTQ+ Board representation;
  • conduct research and develop metrics and to monitor and report on progress.

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